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General Vedic Horoscope


Rs 199


Learn about your current situation


About the Course

This is your opportunity to understand why things are happening in your life the way they are. Why you may feel the way you do. What can you do in your everyday life to aid your progress. How should you stay positive, and progress.

Shanka Chakra takes this opportunity to make Vedic Astrology services more accessible to the common audience with minimal cost. All we need is your:

  1. Date of birth

  2. Time of birth (as accurate as possible)

  3. Place of birth

With this information, we will tell you how you can help yourself with the help of the planets, and what you may be able to do to better your life.

We will send you a document over the mail.

Your Instructor

Dr Ghanashyam Sharma

Dr Ghanashyam Sharma
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