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Introduction to Vedic Therapy (Webinar)

Reinventing Mental Health

  • Starts 20 Jul
  • 200 Indian rupees
  • Online/Webinar

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20 & 21 July, 2024 7 to 8:30 PM Welcome to the Introduction to Vedic Therapy webinar hosted by Devdarshan Bastola (GMBPsS) himself. Discover the ancient wisdom of Vedic therapy and learn how these time-tested practices can bring balance and healing to your life. Join us for two insightful evenings, where we'll delve into the principles and techniques of Vedic therapy and find out how it can benefit you. On Day 1 we will begin with an introduction to Vedic Therapy. We will explore the philosophical assumptions underpinning this practice, including the basics of Karma, Dharma, Gyana, and Guna. We will discuss Method 1 of vedic therapy, and follow that with a Mini Group Session. On Day 2, we will delve into method 2, focusing on implementing these practices to rejuvenate your life. We will revisit Karma, Dharma, Gyana, and Guna in greater detail. The day will conclude with a Complete Group Session and another Q & A session to ensure all your queries are addressed comprehensively. What Will You Gain? 1. For Students: Whether you are studying for competitive exams or navigating daily school and college life, you will gain the ability to absorb knowledge more effectively and manage stress better, leading to improved grades and overall health. You will achieve greater clarity regarding your studies and your future career. Additionally, you will learn how to interact positively with your family, friends and contribute meaningfully to society. 2. For Parents: You will acquire strategies to positively discipline your children, fostering a nurturing and supportive environment at home. By doing so, you will contribute to a better society by raising exceptional children. 3. For Mothers: You will learn techniques to cope with the physical and mental demands of motherhood, helping you maintain your well-being. 4. For Couples: Improve your relationship by learning to live happily together, understand each other, and tactfully tackle problems, fostering a happy family life. 5. Understanding Vedanta: You will grasp the fundamental concepts of Vedanta, gaining a deeper understanding beyond merely hearing about them 6. For Everyone: Regardless of your role, you will become a stronger, more self-accepting, self-confident, and content individual. You will move a step closer to understanding and experiencing the bliss that resides within you. Additionally, you will develop the capacity to recognize ways to improve your work and master the art of work-life balance.

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Dr. Dhakal's Clinic, City Pharmacy Hotel Tashi Tagey, opposite SBI, Upper Tadong, Tadong, Gangtok, Sikkim, India

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